Yoga Postures

Yoga for fitness is one of the best options one can choose. It doesn’t involve visiting the gym or any other heavy equipment. One can easily do yoga on their sleeping bed. Therefore others can take a yoga mat in their balcony to start fresh the day. Here are 10 Yoga Postures

Many people take weight gain as a problem these days. But with the speed of life, one finds it very difficult to adjust the time for visiting the gym. Moreover there are several diet clinics available in the market.

Avoiding Of Yoga Due To Lack Of Time

10 Yoga Postures For Weight Loss And More

10 Yoga Postures For Weight Loss And More

But lack of time is a problem to visit a diet clinic. In such complicated situations, yoga comes very handily. It doesn’t need the involvement of any buying extra stuff. Hence it is easy to get yourself involved with yoga. Here are some postures discussed which helps in weight loss program.

Let’s have a look at them:

Plank In One Of The 10 Yoga Postures

This posture is perfect, strengthen your bones and muscles. It might look easy from afar. But with one day practice, one will feel the ache in their abs. Place tour feet and head at the exact opposite side while moving your chest in an upward and downward direction. Therefore this exercise daily will help in developing hard abs.

2. Virabhadrasana B Is 2nd From 10 Yoga Postures

10 Yoga Postures For Weight Loss And More

10 Yoga Postures For Weight Loss And More

As the name suggests, just like a warrior, you can now tone up your body. Bend one of your knees in front to make your thigh parallel to the floor. You need to stay in this position for some time. The longer you remain, the better your quads get.

3. VirabhaDrasana C Is 3rd From 10 Yoga Postures

This posture of yoga is designed to shape your butt. While toning back ends, it also helps in developing your thigh, legs, and arms. Stand on one of your legs. Place both of your hands in front and one of your legs at the back. Try staying for this position as long as you can. The more you visit, the better is the result. Now repeat the same posture with your other leg.

4. Trikonasana Is 4th From 10 Yoga Postures

This yoga posture might look easy ineffective. But with practice, it shows excellent result on abs. Therefore this position is suitable for boosting the digestive metabolism in your body. Moreover, this posture engages both hand and leg muscles assisting one in burning more fats.

5. Adho Mukha Svanasana Is 5th From 10 Yoga Postures

This posture is great for shaping your entire figure. Moreover this asana pose based in the resting position of the body places your feet together then stretch your hand up and then place it on the floor. Continuously put pressure on the floor with your feet and hands.

6. Sarvangasana Is 6th From 10 Yoga Postures

Sarvangasana is the yoga posture that focuses on placing your overall body weight on your shoulder. Therefore this exercise is excellent for thyroid patients. Therefore lay your body on a flat surface and place your hands on each side of your body. Then slowly raise your legs upward, and remain in this position for some time. Therefore this overall inversion technique helps in thyroid metabolism.

7. Parivrtta Utkatasana Is 7th From 10 Yoga Postures

This posture works on your abs, quads, and also on your glutes. Therefore this posture helps with the digestive and lymph systems.

8. Dhanurasana Is 8th Yoga Postures

The common name of this yoga position is a bow. You need to lay flat and pull your feet and hands in the opposite direction. Moreover Dhanurasana is beneficial for your abs, thighs, and arms.

9. Surya Namaskar Is 9th Yoga Postures

This position s again perfect for your abs and arms. The posture of this yoga to some extent, shapes like that of push-ups. It is ideal for muscle relaxing and blood circulation.

10. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This pose also comes by Bridge exercise. This posture helps in digestion and thyroid problems.

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