Ab Exercises For Women

4 Abs Exercises For Women Who Want The Perfect Beach Body

Abdominal muscles are thought to be a mainstay for male bodybuilders and aesthetics freaks. But did you know that women too can get exceptional abs? You read that right. In fact, these muscles are at the core of any well-toned beach body. Keep reading to find out the best ab exercises you can do.

So if you’re getting ready to try out your new bikini, make sure you’ve got the abs to go along with it. Besides, they are at the center of your body and for the most part, will lie exposed for all to see, especially your jealous girlfriends.

So want to get your core toned up with sculpted abs, read on and find out some of the best and highly effective ab exercises to ensure this.

Toe Reach

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As easy as it sounds, this is a vigorous exercise that works on your core. The central principle here is that you shall be reaching for your toes. However, there are some key guidelines to follow while doing so.

One of them is that you shall be on your back on the floor with your legs straight in the air. Having done this, reach for your toes with your fingertips. Make sure to engage your lower abs while doing so.

You don’t have to reach them, but make a maximum effort to do so. That will be one rep. Several more should follow to make a complete workout routine.

Alternating Toe Reach

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Just like the toe reach above, you will attempt to touch your toes while on your back. However, this time your legs won’t be as upright as before.

The alternating toe reach involves you lifting your legs to a forty-five-degree angle. Place your arms flat beside your body. In this position, use one hand to reach the leg on the other side. For example, your right hand to your left leg. Once done, exchange the arms. That will form one rep.

Leg Raise With A Twist

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This procedure combines the standard leg raise but spiced up a little for that extra effort. During workouts, you can never go wrong with more exertion.

You are supposed to raise your leg as high as you possibly can while on your back. As you do so, clap your hands behind them. Ensure your upper body moves as you attempt to do so.

For a successful move, make sure to keep your legs straight and your chin close to your chest. Once you return to the initial position, you will have completed one rep.

Bicycle Crunch

Just like other crunches, this move will involve compressing your core. However, the bicycle crunch isn’t your regular crunch exercise.

In this one, you shall have your hands behind your head while lying flat on your back. Now bring your knees to touch each elbow. The twist here is that one knee will move to the opposite elbow. Just like the alternating toe reach, the right knee will advance to the left elbow and vice versa. However, do not push your head up with your hands; that will be cheating.

All of these ab exercises should be combined into one workout. Each one would have between fifteen to ten reps. After completing the whole set, repeat the set three more times.

You will note that these ab exercises do not require any equipment to fulfill. So you can comfortably do them in the comfort of your home. Once you emerge for the summer break, you will be looking grand.

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