Best Pull-Up Bars

Pull up bars are the ideal equipment for performing intense upper body exercises while at home using only your body weight. The good thing about them is the fact that they are very cheap and will definitely help you to build a sculpted physique. Basically, pull-up bars do differ in a number of ways in term of sizes, portability, and multi-purpose nature, among others. This article is meant to break down such a complex thing to help you acquire the best.

Iron Gym Total Workout Bar

Iron Gym is proud to offer you its finest strength training pull up bar. To use this pull up bar, all you have to do is just turn any of your doorways into a gym site. Installation of this Strength Training Pull-Up Bars is simple since you only have to fit the pull-up bar at 35.4-inch wide door frame. These bars are most ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and crunches among others. Basically, this product has up to three grips which are positioned; narrow, neutral and wide with a foam grip. It uses leverage to hold against your door to ensure there are no screws or damage on your door.

Pro-source Fit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/ Pull-Up Bar

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Pro-source Fit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/ Pull-Up Bar

This is one of the multifunctional strength training bars with up to 12 comfortable grips and a couple of handle which enable you to perform wide, close-grip, hammer workouts. It is suitable for upper body training, such as sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups leg-raises, and dips. It is made of steel and thus cannot easily break with foam/PVC grips for more comfort. Assembling and installation of these pull-up bars are very simple. Just slip- in a well-designed fit doorway which is about 24-36 inches. For home exercises, portable designs make it easier to just squeeze in exercise and stay fit while still at home.

Sunny Health And Fitness Door Way Chin –up And Pull-up Bar

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With this pull-up bar, you have a chance to train like a pro since it is the toughest and thus provides maximum support. When fixed properly, these bars can hold up to about 220pounds, thus giving you full support for both chin-ups and pull-ups.  To make adjustments on these bars is fairly simple to fit your comfort. In addition, it has very comfortable grips with padded handles meant to minimize the risk of calluses or the hand cramping. To minimize fatigue, it has non-slip extra-long comfortable foam grips, thus suitable for any exerciser.

With Sunny Health & Fitness pull-up bars you can put the door bar lower to the floor level and use it to perform push-ups. It has weight-bearing brackets meant to provide maximum stability during your chin-ups and also a non-weight bearing bracket meant for sit-ups.

Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull-up Bar

This kind of pull up bar is also for doorway use and is meant to tone and strengthen your arms, back, abs muscles and shoulders. It is safe and secure to use this pull-up bar since it is made of strong steel. More so, installation is simple since all you have to do is to screw it on the door area. This pull-up bar is multi-functional since you can use it for pull-ups, hanging leg raises, chin-ups, crunches, and sit-ups. In addition, it has comfortable foam-handed grips which are non-slip for extra comfort and also for minimizing pain and fatigue. Another good aspect about it is the fact that it gives you the flexibility to move to different heights since it has a multiple screw-in door mount kit making it perfect for the home gym, garage or office use.

The inexpensive nature, portability, and ease of installation give you better reasons to own a pull-up bar. Thus, if you are that committed exerciser who wants to level up their training, this product is for you.  

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