Strength Training Exercises

The concept of strength training can be intimidating for beginners, but the benefits of this type of training speak for themselves. Strength training has been proven to promote muscle growth, burn calories, increase joint and bone strength, and increase endurance.

To begin with, always try to combine a strength workout with cardio when planning for an exercise routine. Try these tips and top-tier strength training exercises especially for beginners ready to kick start their journey to being stronger.

In addition, bodyweight exercises are always a great place to start if you happen to be new to strength training. Thus, mastering the art of various body movement patterns before adding on additional weight such as dumbbells should always be the priority.

To build up strength through the use of your own weight, here are 5 strength training exercises which are best for beginners. These exercises work your entire body, with the ability to increase the intensity levels as you go.


It is believed that squats are the best strength training exercise, especially for beginners in terms of bangs for the buck. This is because squats not only work on your legs, but they also work on your upper body and core as well. For better results, try to hold a dumbbell in each hand or one close to the chest to create more resistance. Additionally, you can use a stability ball to test your form and experiment with sumo squats or incorporate lunges.


The fine thing about push-ups is that they always come in different variations. These are an excellent way for an additional variation in meeting any beginner at their level of comfort. Start in a plank position with your arms extended underneath your shoulders. Lower your arms down while maintaining your elbows at your sides. Slowly bring yourself up again while engaging your core. That is one repetition.


People have different opinions for planks. There are those who will love them while others will tend to hate them. Despite the different opinions from people, planks provide you with a nearly full body workout.

To do a plank, start by placing your body in a push-up position with your arms stacked under your shoulders. Keep your body a straight line by engaging your core throughout the exercise. You should feel the burn in no time.


If you always sit at a desk your muscles might be weakened from the hunched-over-the-computer position you often find yourself in. Rows, therefore, are a great exercise to get your lower back into shape and your posture worthy of the Queen.

In conclusion, strength workouts are essential for overall body maintenance and health. To cultivate overall strength and endurance, don’t forget to incorporate cardiovascular endurance, power, speed, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination as well.

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