Areas of Physical Fitness

For every human, there are five central aspects which play an important role in maintaining physical fitness. These areas are of equal importance. For a clear understanding of this, take a scenario of a weightlifter who has good a physique but cannot manage to run a mile or the case of a good runner who cannot manage to complete a push-up.


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Flexibility can be regarded as your body’s range of motion in certain exercises. Thus, in simple terms, flexibility acts as a cornerstone to your workout mechanism since your muscles will only move in the range which your personal flexibility allows. Tight joints normally restrict a wide range of motions which force you to compensate by the use of other muscles. This action can at times result in muscle imbalance that can end up affecting your posture and movement efficiency.

Core Strength and Stability

Your core muscles are generally responsible or flexing, extending and the rotation of the truck. These normally comprise of several muscle layers which tend to determine the overall body posture. This is to say that, the conditioning and strengthening of these muscles will consequently reduce the chances of spinal injuries and back pain. This will lead to an improvement in general exercise performance and better coordination and balance.

Cardio-respiratory Fitness

Cardio-respiratory fitness involves how efficient your heart is and how capable your lungs are at delivering oxygen to your muscles. This means that it has a more direct impact on both strength and endurance. The heart is a muscle that must be continuously worked.


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Balance is the ability to control your body position in space. It involves proprioception (how the body takes the information it receives from the environment and later sends it to the brain for interpretation). A good example of this is when you are getting up from your chair. Upon interpretation, your brain will direct the message your muscles for the right response to be elicited. In case this system is overloaded the body loses balance, and you might end up falling down. Thus, it is of great need to have regular balance training to order to improve on your posture, coordination, enhancement of movement and also prevention of injuries.

Resistance Training

Resistance training involves continuously challenging your muscles to work against external forces in aim to improve on strength, and endurance, as well as increasing muscle mass. Thus, it is of great importance to incorporate resistance training in your regular workout plan since strong muscle will consequently result in strong tendons, which in turn make dense and strong bones. All this will help in reducing cases related to the risk of osteoporosis.

It is believed that adults tend to lose about seven pounds of their muscles every decade. To prevent this, adding resistance training to your routine will help sufficiently. This type of training will result in the rebuilding of muscle.

Thus, in order to keep your body physically fit at all times, the above five aspects should always be given the first priority. These movements will improve your physical fitness and get you into shape.

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