Speed And Agility

Speed and agility are essential to any fitness aficionado out there. Agility involves how your body moves whereas sped is just that, speed. For athletes, this kind of workout is primary. Soccer players need to be fast on their feet while handling the ball. The same applies to football, hockey and basketball players.

Speed and agility training workouts are not only a reserve of athletes. You too can get yourself working on their regimens. So whether you are into competitive sports, or merely into being fit, these speed and agility training equipment will go a long way in aiding your training.

Training Mask

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Training Elevation has just come up with an amazing product in the name of a training mask. It is engineered to provide just enough resistance to your breathing. The product provides this resistance by straining the air flowing into you.

This mask has been proven to increase your stamina as well as burn fat. Your breathing muscles will be straining and this is similar to working them out.

Battle Rope Anchor Kit

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The battle rope anchor from FirstChoice will prevent damage to your battle rope with ease. It can easily withstand up to 2,000 Ibs of force. This device also works with both 1.5 and 2-inch battle rope.

Resistance Bands

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The more you strain your body, the more it will work to counter the resistance. This will be by growing stronger.

Increasing resistance to movement will make you faster as your legs become stronger.

KBands Strength resistance bands provide the perfect solution to athletes who want more explosiveness in their running and to become faster. These bands offer a range of resistance levels to suit everyone’s training ability.

Running Chute

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If running the old-fashioned way doesn’t seem much of a hassle, try doing it with a parachute strapped to your back. This is surely going to improve your running speed once you have built up the strength to push through your workouts with this running parachutes.

It is like having weights at your back while you walk or run. Your muscles have to work harder because they will now be up against the resistance the parachute provides.

KUYOU Training Resistance Parachute is an amazing piece of equipment. It has just the right size that is good for between 25-35 Ibs of resistance. It comes with an adjustable belt for all body types.

Whether you are training for the track, soccer or basketball, this resistance chute is a must-have.

Pro Agility Ladder Cones

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Ladder cones are basic items in any speed and agility workout session.  They are aimed at helping you improve your footwork, foot speed, acceleration, speed, etc. The spacing of the rungs is at the center of all this.

The Pro Agility ladder is built for performance. With a 100% money-back guarantee, you already feel that these guys created something spectacular. This is a training set with no equal. The rungs are thick and durable and will last for seasons to come.

Finally, speed and agility training is an essential workout for both athletes and regular non-athletes. Get these items and improve your agility and speed.  

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