5 Professional Body Weight Cardio Workouts at Home and Benefits

body weight cardio workouts

If you want to do some high-intensity cardio workout that gets your heart pumping and increases your lung capacity, then body weight cardio workouts are the best option. Cardio workouts need to have more muscles that you can use during the exercise, the more there will be energy demand, the harder your lungs and heart will work.

Some cardio workouts require equipment and better to be performed at a gym in front of the trainer to guide you, but if you want to do exercise at home without any personal equipment that is also possible. The following body weight cardio workouts mentioned below require no equipment and can be performed with your bodyweight only.

High Knees

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High Knees workouts are very intense cardio workouts that make the heart rate up fast, strengthen the leg muscles, burn calories and improve flexibility. This workout can be done at any small place i.e bedrooms. Start with standing straight on your feet, sprint on the spot by lifting your knees as high as possible, your knees should almost touch your chest, use your arms at the same motion. High knees are perfect to partner with another cardio such as Burpee, try 20 seconds of High knees with 10 seconds of burpees for 5 rounds.

Mountain Climbers

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Mountain climber is another excellent body weight cardio to be introduced with. This workout benefits muscles, flexibility, and coordination while increasing your heart rate.

Start with a push-up position, bring your right knee forward between your arms and take it back, repeat with another leg, both legs count as one rep, do as fast as possible for 5 rounds.

Jump Squats

One of the most demanding cardio workouts that benefit the buttocks, legs as well as heart and lungs; this exercise is medium intense and can be built up through time.

Start with a squat, your thighs should be parallel with the floor, now jump from the bottom to upwards into the air, jump as high as you can, and push the ground with your legs, hands should be near your face.

Box Jumps

This cardio workout is very intense and great for building the strength of legs and hips.

You will need a box of about 10 inches or you can do it on the steps. Practice jumping on the top of the box with both feet up, use your arms to move yourself up to jump, get down and jump again, repeat 5 rounds. Build up your strength by increasing the box size, this workout should not be performed while tired otherwise there is a risk of tripping.


Burpee is a heavy workout that uses the body weight and works with every muscle, it uses a lot of muscle mass, increases heart rate, benefits the shoulders, chest, abs, thighs, triceps, and other parts. Stand straight, sit down in a squat with your hands on the floor, jump both feet back and forward, stand up and push the hips forth.


Each of the above-mentioned body weight cardio workouts can be done for 30 seconds each with 3-5 repeats, ensuring that you know basic level cardio before performing any of the workouts because they can be pretty intense.

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