5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines To Transform Your Body

5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines

5X5 workout is a lifting program, but it’s not a new concept. Reg Park firstly created it. And he includes exercises like the back squat, deadlift, and bench press. After that, few more activities were added, and many beginners are entering this program are seeing the results of the 5X5 workout.

5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines
5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines To Transform Your Body

The 5X5 workout lifting training program has two workout plans. These two workout plans are workout A and workout B.; The workout A has bench press, squat, and barbell row while workout B has a deadlift, squat, and overhead press. Here we have few 5X5 workout tips that will help you for sure.

Few 5X5 Workout Tips

Warm-Up Properly

In any exercise, it’s essential that you warm up properly. It’s important because warming up before 5X5 workout will help you to adjust your muscles during exercise. Warming up also avoids the injuries. It’s very important to do a warm-up before any exercise. Moreover, in cold weather remember to add a few more minutes to your warm-up. You can do warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s sufficient to free your body muscles. It will help you during workout sessions.

Do Not Add Weights Quickly

This 5×5 workout program seems easy when you start. But you have to follow tips and guidelines, otherwise, you will injure yourself. While lifting weights, do not rush to add weights too quickly. It’s not good for you, and it can hurt you. So keep things slow and in a planned manner. If you follow the program properly without any change, then you will see amazing results. But for this, you have to resist the temptation for pushing your boundaries. As a beginner, you have to stick to the program.

Learn Bench Press Properly

5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines
5X5 Workout Tips And Guidelines To Transform Your Body

If you are in this program, then learn to bench press properly. The proper bench press is being perpendicular to the floor. The proper bench press technique is you have to put the bar in your palm close to your wrist and tighten your upper-back. Keep your eyes under the bar when it racked. Then chest up, and weight should be as per your program. And learn all the proper steps to do bench press because with that you will not get the result you want.      

Proper Diet And Rest

In case you are following the workout training program for a long time, but you do not see any result. Then you have to know that only exercises can not reflect your result too quick. You have to take proper diet and rest as well. Diet depends upon your goal. Your body needs food to get energy. And most guys need 2500 to 3000 calories per day. It helps in gaining weight and builds muscle in the 5X5 workout program. Food and rest, both are important as your body releases muscle-building hormones during your sleep. And this will give you quick results. 

5X5 Workout Conclusion

These are few tips and guidelines which will help you in transforming your body.  But remember following this 5X5 training program is not easy you have stick to your plans.

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