Cardio Exercises

6 Easy Cardio Exercises That You Can Do While At Home To Lose Weight Quickly

When someone mentions cardio, a lot of people think of those long runs or exercise bikes. Cardio is simply the short form of cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that target your cardiovascular organs i.e. the heart.

Simply put, the main aim of such workouts is to make your heart beat faster. This is because the more your muscles are getting worked, the more they demand oxygen. Hence the increased heart rate. The end results are stronger muscles and better stamina.

Cardio exercises are some of the simplest to carry out and they can even be done at home. Most of them involve repetitive body movements. Here are some detailed cardiovascular exercises you can easily perform anywhere.

Jumping Rope

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Jumping Rope

Skipping ropes are excellent workout tools. They are easy to use, mobile, low-maintenance and a cheap way to start any cardio workout. There many ways you can jump rope. Each method varies in its difficulty level. Nevertheless, if done consistently over time, they become manageable.

To perform this exercise simply throw the rope up and over your head before jumping as it passes below your feet. Other variants of skipping rope workouts are using only one leg to clear the rope, increasing the size and pace of your jump and even crossing the rope. When you find it a tad difficult, you can always get some tunes playing. It can be a bore listening to your own feet hitting the ground.

Staircase Workouts

With these exercises, the staircase will be your best friend. The main principle at play is gravity. Going against it requires energy and power.

One of the easiest ways of doing staircase exercises is just by walking up them. You could also run up the flight of stairs or frog jump to the top.

You will, however, need to make sure the staircase is safe. It should have a safety rail. Always look at the safety aspect first before attempting any exercise. They may look like simple workouts, but one false move and you won’t be working out anymore.


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Dancing exercise

Arguably the most enjoyable workout on the list, dancing is suitable for everyone. From little kids to adults and even the elderly, having a jig in the morning is a great way to wake those sore muscles up.

There are many different dance routines out there. They are different in their complexity but share one thing in common, they will surely get your heart pumping.

Just like many of these exercises, you don’t need a lot of room to conduct this one. Some dance routines involve very easy steps like moving your arms and legs. One awesome thing about dancing is that it is more enjoyable when the whole family is around. Because dancing is just fun and who better to share in this than the rest of the family.

Star Jumps

These are pretty easy moves but very potent at the same time. They involve jumping with outstretched arms and legs. You will have to make sure you form a kind of star shape while in the air to succeed at it.

There isn’t much to these moves apart from the fact that you will need a little more space. Also, these kind of jumps impact the joints greatly. You should make sure to have the correct shoes on.

Like many other exercises, there are different variations to star jumps. As with the rest, once things begin to seem easy, you can add some resistance to the workout. Beginning with a squat then jumping is a pretty good way to make it harder.

Jogging In Place

There isn’t much about jogging in place except what it literally means. You can do this anywhere in your home or outside.

They are also an excellent way to begin the day. Jogging in place is a great cardio workout that will continuously build your leg muscle strength.

Going For A Stroll

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Going For A Stroll

For this exercise, you only need a comfy pair of walking shoes, some music, and a clear mind. In this way, you will be able to enjoy nature, meditate and workout at the same time.

These are some very simple exercises that you can easily do in the comfort of your home. You don’t need a gym subscription or expensive equipment to work out. You only need a bit of creativity and commitment to do so.

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