Lower Abs Exercise

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Developing lower abs is a little bit tricky and challenging. Many people workout and spend their hours in the fitness gym. Mostly they can achieve the desired appearance of upper rows. However, it is challenging to get your lower abs in shape. It is practically difficult to isolate the abdomen muscles in the lower body. However, simple exercise may help you to focus more on one body part than others. Experts say that to build your abs, you should focus on diet first and then your hard work may create the magic. Exercising in the gym for long hours, but visiting hotels and restaurants frequently will never get you the desirable 6 pack abs. Well, you can do the following exercise to tone your lower abs.

7 Exercises To Tone The Lower Abs
7 Exercises To Tone The Lower Abs

Tone The Lower Abs: Hanging Leg Lifts

Have a firm grip on the pull-up bar. Let the feet hang and keep your back and shoulders straight. Bend your knees and bring them to meet the armpits. Take a pause in this situation and slow down your legs.

Equipment Options: ab sling, dip bar, pull-up bars

Variations: bent knee, rotations, weighted, straight legs

Sets/ Repetitions:  15 reps or 2 to 4 sets

Tone The Lower Abs: Body Saws

Start in the position of the forearm- plank keeping feet within cradles of TRX. Push the body against elbows with the help of shoulders abs torso. To complete one rotation, push knees toward the chest.

Equipment options: stability ball, TRX, sliders

Reps Or Sets: 15 Reps or 2 to 4 sets

Slider Seal Walk:

In this exercise, you will require a twosome of sliders for feet and hardwood surfaces. You can keep a towel on the hardwood to slide comfortably. Keep sliders under your feet and start with a push-up position. Assure not to lock elbows fully. Provide support to your abs. Walk further on hands because legs hawk behind you. In this exercise, the goal is set to reduce side to side rotation.

Sets or Reps: 12 to 20 reps or 2 to 4 sets

Stability Ball Reverse Crunches:

Sit on the mat and keep the stability ball between your legs.  Bend your knees holding the body back onto the floor or carpet. Rise feet off the floor. Tighten your abs and with the help of the abs, support your lower back. Be sure to rest your arms flat on the mat.

Sets or Reps: 15 reps or 2 to 4 sets

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7 Exercises To Tone The Lower Abs

Ab Wheel Rollouts:

Take ab wheels in hands and your knees on the mat. Gradually, roll forward and keep your body straight. Carry your hips through with extending your arms. Pull your body back to the beginning position through abs and hips. Remember that you need not require to stretch your body too much for this exercise.

Sets or Reps: 8 to 10 reps or 2 to 4 sets

Dragon Flags:

Bruce Lee used to do this exercise, and it needs extreme core strength. Lie comfortably on the sandy surface of the beach. For support, reach the hand to the top of the bench. Keeping your leg straight, try to lift legs upward to your head. Don’t arch your back excessively and always maintain body control.

Sets or Reps: 6 to 9 steps or 2 to 4 sets

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