Strength Training Exercises

Strength training is not only meant for building muscle mass but also helps in maintaining one’s ability to live independently as he or she ages. In addition, it also facilitates the promotion of weight loss in general. Despite the wide range of benefits strength training brings, many people still do not incorporate this type of training in their regular workout.

Some of the important strength training exercise most of us are avoiding include; the dumbbell, push-ups, pall-of press, squats, split squats, lateral squats, and hip extension. If you happen to be new in a strength training exercise, some of these exercises are the basis of your muscle-building workout.

Goblet squats

Goblet squats are a type of squat which is performed while holding a weighted object in front of you. This aspect adds resistance to the exercise, making it harder. For better results, keep your heels pressed into the ground. Pause at the bottom of the squat and before slowly returning to a full standing position. If your heels happen to push your hips further back, work on a range of motions until your general form and mobility improve.

Dumbbell row

Dumbbell is yet another good strength exercise which will help in the development of a strong back, core, and arms. Moreover, because this exercise works on your lats, rhomboids, and traps, it helps in implementing proper posture by pulling your shoulders back and stabilizing your posterior chain.


This is a deceptively simple movement that works best on your upper-body and core muscles, allowing you the full range of motion in your shoulder blades.

If you can’t do push-ups with good form, try and elevate your hands on a chair or bench to begin building strength. If push-ups are too simple for you, try to elevate your feet on a bench or add a weighted vest.

Stationary Lunge

Lunges are important as they involve a single-leg movement that generally helps in minimizing training imbalances. Lunges are meant to help in building the lower body strength and the same time improving on balance, stability in your hip movement and general body flexibility.

Lateral Squats

Lateral squats are generally a combination of both the lateral lunges and squats. This exercise is very important for stretching your groin and inner thighs while still working your quadriceps, trunk, and hips.

Hips Extension (Hip Thrusts/ Glutes Bridges)

The hip extension is also an excellent exercise which is generally meant to train your glutes, especially if they are often underutilized. This workout will be of great benefit to those people who spend more than eight hours seated on an office chair.

If you are looking forward to attaining that noteworthy body, try and add these strength training exercises in your routine.

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