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According to various fitness, pilates and yoga instructors, there are certain exercises which are not negotiable and are imperative for everyone to do. Therefore, whether you regularly exercise or not, here are the 8 strength training exercises that deserve to be incorporated in your routine.

Your daily workout should always be quick, fuss-free and well-rounded. Especially in situations where we are provided with a full list of the exercises we should incorporate in our routine, we normally tend to choose those which we actually want to do. This is the reason some people only do a specific type of workout, resulting in the possible neglect of certain muscles.

Russian Twist

This exercise works your abdominal and specifically your oblique muscles. This exercise will toughen up your upper body and will boost on activities that call for torso rotation like golf playing or swimming. Such a muscle strengthening exercise will increase bone density and is thus best for women who have a calcium deficiency. Doing this exercise 3-4 times a week is ideal.


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An important exercise which works on the quads, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, core, and glutes. We can all see that this exercise uses many muscles simultaneously, burns many calories and is incredibly functional. Squats tend to mimic basic movements like standing up, climbing stairs or lifting something heavy off the ground. For best results 3-4 times a week with day rest in between and also if possible include dumbbell or do it on a ball.

Dumbbell Pullover

This exercise will work on your chest, rear deltoid, triceps, back, and abs. Thus this workout is best for scoring a stronger upper body for better posture and balance. Ideally, we can say that this is of great benefit to a woman who is at risk of developing muscular imbalance, especially for those who tend to carry their child on only one side of their hips.


Planks work great on your core, abs and lower back. For the best results, do the plank two to three times a week, working your way up to a minute at a time.

Bikram Half-Moon

This exercise will work fairly well on the hips, butt, deltoids chest and trapezius. Thus it will do you great if you can strike this pose to attain a more flexible spine, and also to alleviate stiff shoulders, back pain, and spinal deformities. In addition, it tones some of the common problem areas like stomach, thighs, and butt.

Downward Facing Dog

This fine strength training exercise activates the triceps, deltoids, hamstrings, and calves. The exercise also helps boost the level of blood circulation throughout the body.


This exercise works on the triceps, shoulders, chest, core and upper back. Unfortunately, the pushup is often overlooked by most people. When done properly, push-ups also activate the core and also improves torso stability, thereby reducing your risks of lower back injuries.


Reverse-plank will strengthen and work on the hamstrings, abs, back, and glutes. When done correctly, reverse-plank engages both the abs and back, improving your posture. Because of the weight-bearing property to this exercise, it will also help in building bone density which is essential in fighting osteoporosis.

Thus, for those looking to increase their strength and improve their posture, these strength training exercises are your golden ticket.

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