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You all know how every guy’s dream is to own a set of perfectly toned abs right? Now, many people think that they have to hit the gym for this to happen. However, this is far from the truth. Getting that abs workout in is hardly something you need to go to the gym for. Most of these exercises are centered around your core and vary in difficulty. However, they are all quite easy to master and require minimal if any equipment.

This article will give you a couple of common and easy to do exercises to gain abs. Remember, abs are universal, so the ladies out there can try their hand at them as well.

Sit Ups

These are the go-to exercise to get abs. They are easy to do, don’t need a lot of space and can be varied for increased resistance.

For example, you could carry a pair of dumbbells during your sit-ups for that extra kick. Don’t have a pair of dumbbells? Not to worry. Basically anything small enough to fit in your arms as you rise from the starting sit-up position will work well.


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Just like the sit-ups, these exercises can be done virtually anywhere with a little space to support oneself. They are also easy to do and can be varied for more resistance.

You can do them with both hands, one hand, both legs or one. Now, we understand this exercise is for the triceps and chest as well, however, the best push-up position requires an engaged core for best results. The important thing is to keep a good posture while carrying out the workout. Your back should not be overarched, or you won’t be hitting the right muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

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Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are as the name suggests. These are like regular crunches except that you raise the opposite elbow toward the opposite knee. Your legs should be rotating as they would if you were riding a bicycle. These crunches work specifically on the obliques, or the “side abs” for an overall chiseled look. This is a staple in any abs workout.

Leg Raise

Another rudimentary exercise, yet similarly effective. This exercise will activate the lower abdominal muscles. It involves lying flat on your back and raising your legs vertically up. One secret to successfully doing this workout is doing it slowly. The essence of any workout is to feel the resistance. That is how you know something is actually happening.

Forearm Plank

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Forearm Plank

This has to be the simplest maneuver here. It doesn’t involve a lot of movement, but it is a potent workout. It involves going into the pushup position and holding it for a while. Initially, a minute is enough. As you progress, increase the time so that the exercise is always challenging.

The key element in the plank exercise is to hold your core muscles as tightly as possible. That is all there is to it.

One crucial aspect concerning bodybuilding is variety. Ensure that you incorporate different kinds of physical maneuvers into your workout. This will ensure that different muscle groups are getting targeted. Furthermore, it takes out the boredom of having to carry out one activity.

For instance, you could have all these exercises in your workout regimen. Five repetitions for each exercise is enough, to begin with. Afterward, you can increase the number and difficulty of the workout so that it doesn’t get too easy.

Within one month, as you follow your abs workout, you should be able to see some progress on your core region.

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