Aerobic Exercises: What Type Is Beneficial For You?


Aerobic Exercises and choosing the right type depends on your goals. However, I think your goal is to build aerobic capacity. Then my personal choices would be the Stairmaster or stationary bike. I like the Stairmaster because it uses your full body weight. However, it is a shallow impact.  The benefit of a stable bike is that it enables you to do high-intensity, interval, training (HIIT). It covers the Tabatha protocol. You could do HIIT exercises on the Stairmaster as well. However, if you don’t do it correctly, you would be more in danger of falling off the machine on a Stairmaster.

Aerobic Exercises: What Type Is Beneficial For You?
Aerobic Exercises: What Type Is Beneficial For You?

Aerobic Exercises: Routine

 If you are unfamiliar with HIIT workouts, Google Tabata Protocol. Moreover, and for a description of the original Tabata protocol. This basic routine is 1. Warm-up (maybe 5 minutes at a leisurely pace)

2. intervals consisting of:

o 20 seconds as fast as you can go

o 10 seconds at a recovery pace

3. Recover/spin down for 5 minutes

 As you can see, it is a small investment of time (12 minutes), but the research shows it produces outsized results. From personal experience, I can tell you I improved my cycling times in triathlons. It was more than 10 percent in 6 weeks by incorporating HIIT workouts. You need to make sure you are in good shape before you start them. I saw my cardiologist first. The key is making sure you go as hard as humanly possible. If you can do the fifth interval, you didn’t go fast enough. The theory is that your body will continue to recover for up to 24 hours. Thus increasing the calories, you burn well beyond the 12 minutes you workout.  Also, the intensity of the workout causes cardio adaptation well beyond lower intensity workouts. StairMaster and stationary bikes are gym-based exercises. Outdoors you could ride a bike or run. Running is fantastic, but also is high-impact. Cycling is a lower impact. However, it requires equipment and faith. The cars behind you won’t hit you. A belief that is not always well-founded!

Aerobic Exercises: What Type Is Beneficial For You?
Aerobic Exercises: What Type Is Beneficial For You?

Benefits Of Rhythm And Music In Your Aerobics Routine

An aerobics routine consisting of aerobic music will involve a lot of fast movements. It consists of jumping as well as leaping for extended periods. Some benefits of adding music to your workout include

 the focus,


 beneficial exercise.

Adding music to your aerobics workout adds the benefit of allowing you to focus. You concentrate on the fun of the tune. This focus also pushes out the day’s activities and will enable you to be in the moment.

A person in an activity that is enjoyable and is beneficial will want to continue that activity. The reverse is also true. If an action rewards with a negative feeling or experience, that action or adventure is not repeated. Therefore, a person might not like to exercise. However, it combines the pleasure of music with exercise. They are more liable to proceed.