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Best Cardio Workout For A Healthy Heart

 To get a healthy heart, you have to indulge in the best cardio workout every day. According to the American Heart Association, you should perform aerobic exercise for at least half an hour daily. Don’t you have half an hour to spare at a time? No problem! You can divide the time into two segments and do the exercises.

Here, we will have a look at aerobic or cardio exercises that boost heart health.

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Best Cardio Workout For A Healthy Heart

Best Cardio Workout Is Walking

One of the most well-known cardio exercises is walking. Make it mandatory to walk for half an hour every day. If you do not get time in the morning, you can walk in the evening or at night. Instead of taking a ride to the shop or market, go there by walking. It is a secure and also inexpensive method of staying fit.

Climbing Stairs

Once you reach the heart rate of 50-85%, you get the utmost benefits of the cardio exercises. To achieve that range, you can climb stairs within the house or office instead of taking the elevator.

Cycling Is Very Effective

Instead of taking your car to the nearby store, you can ride your bike. It is one of the very popular aerobic exercises that improve heart health. Besides, a stationary bike in the gym is also useful. Adjust the pedals as well as the seats according to your need to stay safe.

Swimming Is The Best Cardio Workout

Do you love swimming? Then indulging in this water activity for about 3 hours every week will make your heart healthy. Moreover, swimming does not affect the joints as well as the bones of your body. Thus, if you are slightly overweight or if you have arthritis, swimming is an excellent option for you.

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Best Cardio Workout For A Healthy Heart

Use The Elliptical Machine For Spinning

In recent times, the elliptical machines have gained massive popularity for performing cardio exercises. Though in the beginning they are found only in the gym, now many houses have them. In this machine, you can work out both the upper and lower parts of your body.

Dancing Is An Outstanding Aerobic Exercises

If you are looking for a rhythmic exercise that will give you health benefits as well as incredible happiness, dance. A suitable shoe, some space, and inspiring music, and you are good to go. If you do not like to dance alone, you can join a class or a Zumba session too.

Tai Chi – Best Cardio Workout

Are you in search of an aerobic exercise that a low impact on your body? Then opt for Tai chi.  The national institutes of health showed that nearly 2.3 million Americans indulge in tai chi regularly. This ancient Chinese exercises and martial art makes your body move in a rhythm. You have to breathe deeply and concentrate properly. Both your mind and heart will get a lot of benefits from this moving meditation.

So, perform any of these workouts every day or you can also alternate them and see the benefits.

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