Best Cardio Workouts at Gym for a Fitter You

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It is easy to burn fat with quick cardio workouts. When properly paired with weight training, cardio workouts can help in ideal fat loss and help you have a great figure. You need to find a trainer who can find which movements are more effective on you for fat burn. The below-mentioned cardio workouts bring about a variety in your weight loss plan also give you your desired results.


A cup of water

This cardio workout targets the glutes and thighs and it makes anyone sweat. It is also quite effective for weight loss. This workout puts you in a very aggressive mindset as it is high on intensity. All you need to do is to crank up the intensity on your stepper and start working out. It is best to do this for 20 or 30 minutes twice or thrice a week. This form of exercise can be altered into high-intensity and low-intensity both. Both the workout types give good results.

By slightly altering the styles one can easily do some effective workout on the thighs and glutes both. These workouts are quite challenging and will push your limits to the maximum. Glute kickbacks are also very effective on the rear.



Plyometrics is a challenging for of cardio workout that cranks up your heart beat. You need great motivation to do this one. It is also quite adaptable and easily portable. One of the best plyometrics exercises are the ‘Jumping Jack Attack’. Most effective method is to rest for 20 seconds and perform jumps for 20 seconds. Next, when you repeat the workout, you can crank up the intensity to 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds and so on. You get best results when you repeat this cycle thrice.

Running on the Treadmill

Running is a great cardio workout and also a stress reliever. All you need to do is to put on your headphones and start running. It easily leaves you back on track and recharged while also effectively burning your fat. When running on a treadmill, it is best to set it on high incline and then run for 15 second to 45 seconds and then rest for 12 rounds. Running helps to increase heart rate and burn fat.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope or skipping rope alone can be your stand-alone cardio workout for fat burn. It is effective if you want to sweat quickly. While skipping, you can choose variable speeds, rest periods and frequencies and then form a different program every time. It is also very convenient and can be done anywhere. It is best to do 50 to 100 jumps at once or jump for 30 to 60 seconds between exercises for elevating your heart rate and burning fat. 

If you indulge in this cardio workout plan, you can speed up the process of fat loss and make your exercise regime more interesting and also have some fun while working out.

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