Best Home Cardio Workouts

home cardio workouts

If you work from home on your computer or at a cubicle at an otherwise sedentary job (that’s like being in the front row of a classroom), home cardio workouts can be an excellent way to workout in your busy schedule even if your physical resources are already limited. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mansion, a one-bedroom apartment or a penthouse on the top two floors because you can still get in some great cardio workout sessions at home. You may have tried treadmills and elliptical machines at the gym but found them to be too tedious or expensive for your limited finances. But what about doing your cardio workouts at home? They don’t cost as much as paying for a membership at the local gym and you’ll have more fun in the process.

Home Cardio Workouts- Less Consumption Of Time

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Here are some home cardio workouts that you can do in under a half hour, using nothing more than a treadmill and an exercise ball or resistance band. Start with ten seconds of active rest and then do three sets of three reps: two sets of ten reps and one set of fifteen reps each. Each of these exercises should take only about thirty seconds to complete. Remember that it is important to keep each rep at a maximum of forty-eight degrees of lean muscle tension. You can add variety by performing different variations of the exercises.

Circuit training is probably one of the best ways to get in a good workout at home. The most basic circuit consists of the same exercises that you see in fitness magazines. Two of the exercises that you should try out in your home cardio workouts are the chest press and deadlift. You should do no more than four sets of each. Three reps of each can also be great for your workout routine.

Add Variety To Your Exercise Routine

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There are many other exercises that you could try for your home cardio workouts. You want to keep your heart rate up and working at all times. If you are not exercising with a heart monitor, then you should measure your heart rate every fifteen minutes and keep a record of it. This will help you keep track of what your average heart rate is throughout your workout.

If you want to add variety to your exercise routine, then you may want to add circuit training to your program. By incorporating both cardio and strength training into your home workouts, you will find that you burn more calories and build more muscles during your workout. You will also find that you are able to continue your new exercise regimen well into the night without having to worry about getting sore. Many people find that they are able to continue working out for another couple of weeks after they have started their new program. As always, you should talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise plan.


The elliptical trainer is one of the best home cardio workouts around. This is because it allows you to monitor your heart rate while you are working out. Using an elliptical trainer, you can increase your intensity as you need to, which means that you can work harder, burn more calories, and build more muscle. Because the elliptical trainer moves your body at a constant rate, it requires little to no muscle tension. This is one of the few exercises that you can do without harming yourself.

Cardio exercises should only be done in moderation. If you are overdoing it, then you will wind up hurting yourself and not getting the results that you were hoping for. Try to stick with moderate intensity cardio for your cardio workout. Most people do not realize that the best types of cardio exercises are the ones that do not cause the heart rate to go too high. This way the exercises do not overstress the heart and leave you tired.

Summing Up

Some exercises that you can do at home that do not use any type of heart rate device are things like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, bicycle crunches, burpees, and lunges. These types of exercises all use your muscles to push against each other without exerting too much pressure, which helps to reduce the risk of injury. Of course there are many other types of exercises that you can do to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Just make sure that you do not overdo your exercises, or you could end up hurting yourself.

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