Bodybuilding Exercise Needs

Bodybuilding Basics And Exercise Needs

Bodybuilding is a state when you start building your body’s muscles through increase nutrition intake and weightlifting. It is a part of lifestyle whether it can be for competition or fun, it involves time spent in the gym. In order to build a great physique, you have to focus on your diet and exercise, as eating will affect your bodybuilding goal.

Bodybuilding is not similar to powerlifting in which focus is on physical appearance. Bodybuilders have to develop and maintain a well muscular physique. For this bodybuilders eating habits are changed termed as a bulking and cutting phase, respectively.

In bulking phase, bodybuilders eat a protein-rich diet, high-calorie, and lift weights intensely to build muscles as much as possible. During the cutting phase, they focus on losing fat while maintaining muscle mass. The aim is to build muscle in the first phase and maintaining the muscle and losing body fat in the second phase.

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Bodybuilding Basics And Exercise Needs

Benefits Of Bodybuilding

There are many health benefits of bodybuilding. In order to maintain a good physique and build muscles, bodybuilders have to exercise regularly. There focus is on doing both aerobic and resistance training.

Resistance training is done to increase muscle size and strength. It is highly related to a lower risk of cancer, heart, and kidney disease. Aerobic training is done to reduce body fat, improves heart health, and lowers risk of heart disease. Bodybuilders always look to develop their bodies and maintain a proper diet. Bodybuilders have to maintain their diet and eat in such a way to supports them in building muscles at the gym and keeping them healthy.

They follow a healthy diet plan, which contains nutrients from all walks from life. It also reduces the chances of critical diseases.

Bodybuilding Basics And Exercise Needs
Bodybuilding Basics And Exercise Needs

Calorie Needs

The aim of bodybuilders is to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Hence, to get the same, they take a lot of calories in the bulking phase.

The most prominent way to know the daily need for calories is to weigh yourself and record what you eat.

If your weight is still the same, the intake of a certain amount of calories is to be always maintained, simply you neither losing weight neither gaining it. During your bulking phase, you should increase calorie intake by 15%.  While changing to a cutting phase, you have to lower your calorie intake by 15%.

In bulking phase, you gain weight during the bulking phase. Hence it is done. Sudden increase and decrease in weight will affect your health badly; that’s why it is always recommended not to lose or gain more than 0.5–1% of your body weight per week. This ensures that you do not lose too much muscle during this period. The daily regime set for you is to maintain thoroughly for bodybuilding as well as sustaining the same.

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