Boost Your Workout With Some Strength Training Without Weights At Your Home

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Are you stuck at home and started missing your gym? Are you feeling like pulling up the weights in the gym? But due to this pandemic and lockdown, you can’t go out or do the gym. You have to keep your body fit and pumped up even if you are not going to the gym. Some people have some gym equipment at home through which they can at least perform some exercises. But you don’t have to, so don’t worry, you can also do strength training without weights at your home only. There are still so many exercises that can lead you to sweat even after not picking up a single weight.

Preparing Your 30-Day Workout Structure

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When you are at home, you can start by preparing your 30 days workout structure which can help you plan your month. You can include several exercises which focus on a different part of your body. You can also prepare a diet chart with it, which can help you do strength training without weights. This every day will help you to keep track of your exercises and check on which part of your body must be focused. You can even rely on some trainers who can help you tell you about the exercise workout plan.

Importance Of Warmup Before Any Strength Training Without Weights

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Usually, when we are at home, we skip the warmup part, but it can be your most effective training. Although you are doing strength training without weights, you have to ensure that you are not undergoing any injury or harming muscle. So, it is best to boost your body and warm it up before starting your main exercises.

Exercises To Do In Strength Training Without Weights

There are some exercises that you can practice without weight. These are easy exercises which can help you to burn so many calories.

·         Rotational Jacks: You can start with rotational jacks by adding some innovation in the jumping jack. You can begin by having a wide stance and touching your opposite leg with the opposite leg. It can help you to pump your heart and make your muscles warm. It can be the best exercise to kick off your workout for the day.

·         Step-ups: This exercise is done for the lower half of the body. It can help you to increase your stability and balance of your body. You need a staircase on which you have just to step up and step down. You can go for three sets of this exercise which can be the best exercise for strength training without movement.

·         Mountain Climbers: It is the best exercise for your core. It can help you to develop the strength of your core. It can help to boost your muscle, lungs, and abs. You have to be in a push-up stance and bring your knee close to your chest as high as possible.


Now you can be prepared to start your strength training without weights. You can prepare well before starting your session. Doing such exercises will surely help you achieve your fitness goal without lifting any weight.

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