Cardio and Strength Training – Build Muscle and Burn Calories

cardio and strength training

Cardio and strength training is something that many people are now deciding to do for a variety of reasons. By now hopefully you know that cardio doesn’t always mean you need to be out on a treadmill or even cycling before your legs give out. What you may not realize is that cardio includes things like running, walking, biking, swimming, aerobics, etc. There are lots of different ways to get your cardio in but what is important is that you make sure you are doing it correctly. The thing about cardio is that it can be very strenuous so it’s important to do it properly or you can hurt yourself.


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Strength training is also a very important type of exercise for many reasons. The most common reason people decide to include strength training in their cardio routine is to lose weight and build muscle. When you start a strength-training regimen, the first step is to pick an activity that you enjoy. Some types of exercise you might enjoy are running, walking, swimming, and other aerobic activities. Then you’ll want to learn some good cardio exercises that will help you reach your goals.

What makes doing cardio and strength exercises great together is that the workouts are very intense. That means you burn more calories during each workout which leads to more fat being burned and more muscle being built. You’ll be surprised how much a strength workout can benefit you. Here are some things that a strength-trained person can accomplish.

True Benefits

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The first benefit of cardio training is that it increases your endurance. This is very helpful if you are starting out. It also helps you to lose weight, improve your metabolism, and build muscle tone. Cardio and strength training work well together because the increased stamina requires more energy to travel throughout the day on a treadmill. So, as you keep up with your fitness routine you’ll find that your endurance will increase and you’ll actually be able to do more on the treadmill than you could before.

Once you’ve been doing your cardio workouts for some time you may already be doing them several times each week. If you want to increase the intensity of your workouts, you can add some strength training to the mix. That way you’ll work your muscles even more and get more benefit from every minute of your workout. Cardio and strength training are not designed to work side by side; they compliment each other well and complement each other in a positive way.

Good For Metabolism

Cardio and strength training are designed to increase your metabolism so that it burns more calories each day. As you add more weights to each set of exercises, the weights gain more resistance which requires more energy to move. That means that not only do you burn more calories while working out, but the extra energy helps you build muscle. This means you end up losing weight in addition to gaining muscle.

After you’ve been performing your cardio and strength routines for a while you will start to notice a change in how your body feels. Your endurance will increase and you will be stronger. Your fitness level will have increased and you’ll be ready to increase the intensity of your fitness routine.


Once your muscle strength has increased, your cardio workouts can be slightly tougher. You should always make sure to warm up your muscles before going to your weightlifting or cardio routine. A good rule of thumb is to do enough warm-up to at least elevate your heart rate for ten minutes, then proceed with your weight lifting or cardio workout for the duration of your routine. Warm ups also prevent injury during your actual workout.

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