Cardio Workouts At Home- Best Indoor Workouts For Your Heart

The exercise that involves cardiovascular muscles is widely known as cardio workouts or aerobic exercises. Cardio workouts are good for health and make blood pumps faster, which results in higher heart rates. In our fast-paced life, we can’t visit the gym regularly. In today’s world, it’s very important to keep us fit as time passes by the environment and the products incorporated in our daily lives have become unhealthy for us. Hence, one should always follow some workout regime to remain fit and active. Thus cardio workouts at home are great alternatives to keep ourselves fit and active and also save a lot of time.

Benefits Of Cardio Workouts At Home

Cardio workout helps in delivering oxygen throughout our body, keeping the heart and lungs healthy. We should follow a routine of performing cardio workouts at home to reduce our body fat, making us healthy, having proper sleep, etc. Doing cardio exercise at home is much easier than it looks. Because it’s not only convenient but also pocket friendly. It also helps us to perform the workouts at home since it needs no designated place and can be performed at small spaces. Different types of cardio can be performed at home. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few cardio workouts at home.

Cardio Workouts At Home- Best Indoor Workouts For Your Heart
Cardio Workouts At Home- Best Indoor Workouts For Your Heart

Jumping Ropes- Cardio Workouts At Home

Jumping ropes are the best form of cardio that can be performed at home. It burns over 200 calories in merely 10-15 minutes. Jumping ropes are very inexpensive, travel friendly, requires limited space, and needs no additional skills. The only thing that we require to perform this cardio is a rope, good shoes, and ample practice. To perform cardio, beginners should take precautions. We should turn the rope from behind the waist and jump as high as required to clear the rope.

Burpees- Cardio Workouts At Home

It is one of the most time-efficient cardio exercises at home. We hardly require space as we can perform burpees in alternative planks and jumping positions. We can lose more than 100 calories by performing this workout for more than 10 minutes.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks can be good cardio at home. We can shed more than 100 calories in a session for 10 minutes. We only require a good pair of shoes and a healthy heart to perform this workout. Beginners should know that jumping jacks might cause joint pains in the starting.

Cardio Workouts At Home- Best Indoor Workouts For Your Heart
Cardio Workouts At Home- Best Indoor Workouts For Your Heart

On Spot Jogging

It is a great workout to increase heart rates and warm-up for complex cardio or other exercises. If we think of cardio, the first thing that comes to mind is the on-spot jogging. We only require a good pair of shoes to perform this workout.

Squat Jumps

This exercise is performed from a squat position, jumping as high as possible and landing back to the squat position. This exercise not only raises heart rate but also increases the power of the legs and burns calories. To perform this workout, all we require is a good pair of shoes and strong knees.

Thus, cardio workouts at home can be easily performed without any fuss. We need to follow a routine and perform the workout daily to keep ourselves fit and active.

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