Cardio Workouts For Beginners – Basics To Learn

Cardio Workouts for Beginners

The word cardio refers to heart, and workout refers to exercising, from moderate to intense exercises, which increases the heart rate for a longer period called cardio workouts. The heart’s role is to pump the blood to all the body organs to keep them alive and functioning. The cardiovascular diseases’ main reasons are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, arrhythmias, etc. The best way to overcome these is to habituate cardio workouts in your daily life. So, here are a few cardio workouts for beginners to maintain their heart-healthy.

Start With Basics

The best way to start exercising is first to make up your mind for a positive outcome and put on a small goal for working out in a particular scheduled period. Cardio workouts can be done at the home, gym, or outside performing physical activities. The most important aspect of being considered while exercising is the intensity of the heart rate. It should always be maintained in the comfort zone.

Home Cardio Workouts

The best cardio workouts for the beginners at home are, walking is the most preferred exercise for cardio as it increases the heart rate gradually and comforts the heart intensity, jump rope means skipping it is one of the effective workouts, running stairs, squats, jogging in a place, jumping jacks, kickboxing followed by dancing, it is proven that dancing to any music beats won’t give you tired feeling.

Gym Cardio Workouts

If you access to a gym, the best cardio workouts for beginners to start with is elliptical. Twenty minutes of elliptical is good to go at the beginning. It gives you a full-body, low-impact cardiac workout. Aerobics is also an excellent and comfortable way of practice. The treadmill is marked as a comfortable exercise for everyone, irrespective of their age and weight. Walking on a treadmill boosts cardiovascular fitness. Practice walking at speed between 3.0 and 4.0 mph for 15 minutes. Few other workouts are spinning cycle, stationary cycle, etc.

Outdoor Physical Activities

The outdoor physical activities like cycling, playing cricket, shuttle, basketball, football all these physical games increase the blood pump rate, which facilitates the proper functioning of the heart. An effective exercise is swimming. It helps the heart and lungs function to 100%.

Tips For Better Results

Setting up a simple schedule as you are a beginner, working out for three days, and rest for the day will be a better practice.

Start working out for a minimum time of 20 minutes. In the beginning, it is better to start with warm-up cardio workouts as it gradually increases the heart rate. Time of exercising can be extended week by week, depending upon the comfort zone of your body.

Try new activity once you are overstressed upon one.

Take extra resting day if you feel tired or sore, because working on a weak day may affect your heart functioning.


Always stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, eat proper food to energize your body and metabolism. Consider a heart rate monitor that displays your heart rate. It is a smart way to keep your heart and body in a safe zone. Cardio is known as the powerhouse of the body; it is our responsibility to make it function properly. Cardio workouts keep your body healthy and increase the human life span.

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