Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss

Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss

Create a workout routine to reduce weight. The first thing that comes to mind is how to create a workout routine that helps in achieving the goal. The most fabulous workout routine is that which let individual join cardio activities and strength training to burn fat and create muscles for a faster metabolism. Exercise regularly helps an individual feel functional and more active. Few changes in daily routine help an individual enjoy and live a happy and healthier life.

Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss
Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss

Creating a Plan

 Firstly, create a workout plan as you build your meal plan. It gives you a better understanding when it comes to a daily workout plan. Consider a workout plan as the essential task that is to be performed daily to achieve goals

Strength Training  (For 1 Hour And 3 Days Per Week)

Cardio is the first thing that comes to mind when planning for weight loss, but strength training is equally important as more muscle mass enhances the metabolism rate. Which helps in burning more calories at rest whereas the body is working to maintain muscles tissue? Working on a particular body part like chest and triceps can be significant. Deadlift, squats, planks and upper-body pushing exercise are some of the ways to do strength training

High-Intensity Interval Training(For 20 Minutes 1 Day Per Week)

The initial two days of cardio will be high-intensity interval training. It will stimulate more fat loss then fixed cardio. Exercising in high-intensity interval training not only burn calories but also helps in raising metabolism afterward. Activities like cycling, running, and body weight is ways of doing high-intensity interval training.

Fixed State Cardio (For 35 To 45 Minutes For one day Per week)

The second day of cardio is all about the long and slow burn. It raises the heart rate, speeds recovery, and enhances body ability to use oxygen properly. Running, swimming, hiking, and kayaking are some ways to perform it

Active Recovery (For 2 Days Per Week)

Two days of the week will be for active recovery- It is the time when the body gets the ability to rest up and reconstruct muscles that have been torn off during a workout. It helps to increase blood flow and passes extra oxygen-rich blood to muscles for fast recovery.

Why Create a Workout Routine

  • Build new muscles- Following workout routine helps in building healthy heart, strong legs, and great upper body. It makes an individual physically active to start different sports and activities.
  • Help keep brain healthy – Doing exercise is essential to keep mind active and healthy and also prevents memory loss.
  • Help overuse injuries- Repeating the same exercise again and again increases the chances of injuries. Workout routines help in mixing different activities and performing various activities regular, which helps in preventing injuries.
  • It is suitable for muscles and bones- Workout help in building strong muscles. It helps in building bone density and prevent osteoporosis
  • Makes you feel energized- Following workout routine helps feeling energized and active throughout the day.
Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss
Create A Workout Routine – Weight Loss


The workout routine is essential to achieve fitness goals. It is a way to plan work schedules and other objectives and makes an individual feel motivated towards attaining goals.

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