Cardio And Strength

Differences In Cardio And Strength Affect Your Health

One debate that never stops in the world of fitness is strength training or cardio? While some prefer the former, some are fond of the latter. However, in reality, you should include both for overall fitness and health. As per the sports medicine physician, Dr. Daniel V. Vigil, both forms balance one another. So, you must know how cardio and strength training can make our health better.

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Differences In Cardio And Strength Affect Your Health

Cardio And Strength For Muscle Health

Every human body has two types of muscle cells, namely, type 1 and type 2. While the former is useful to the low-intensity cardio workouts, the latter is suitable for high-intensity workouts and strength training. The trained fiber of our bodies can adapt quickly. These adaptations enhance the endurance levels of the muscles. And the high-intensity activities increase the strength as well as the power of the muscles.

Level Of The Body Fat

You can expend a lot of energy by indulging in exercises which in turn helps to reduce the level of body fat. Cardio workouts, particularly the low-intensity ones, help to shed the excess fat of the body through burning calories. Any type of exercise you can choose because the key to burning fat is the intensity of the workout.

On the other hand, strength training reduces body fat by enhancing the amount of muscle mass. The leaner the muscle, the more is the rate of metabolism. It, in turn, helps to shed more calories during as well as after the training is over.

Cardio And Strength For Heart Health

All kinds of aerobic or cardio workouts like jogging or biking increase the rate and functioning of the heart and lungs. While the cardio activities directly influence heart health, strength training plays a passive role. The American journal of cardiology showed a report in 2011. According to it, when it comes to increasing cardiometabolic health, aerobic exercises are the most useful.

The formations of muscles and strength activities coming with the aerobic exercises affect the heart indirectly. As they enhance the muscle mass, the blood storing place of the cardiovascular system increases. It, in turn, lessens the pressure of blood on the walls of the arteries.

Moreover, strength training decreases the risk of heart attack as it greatly reduces the amount of visceral fat.

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Differences In Cardio And Strength Affect Your Health


If you engage only in cardio workouts, your longevity will be more than the person who is performing strength training. The American college of cardiology publishes this report. This statement is particularly true for the senior citizens who need much more strength as well as balance for stopping falls, and sever issues occurred due to the injuries. As per the reports of studies, most of the deaths occur because of falls and their injuries in the people who are more than 65 years old.

Nonetheless, in the new research, it is proved that maintaining muscle mass is essential for aged people. It indicates how long you can survive as well as how well you can live all those years.

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