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Here are some easy cardio exercises to do at home. If you are not a gym person and have no time for that, then these easy yet useful exercises are perfect for you. Firstly let us start with warm-ups and brisk jogging. Then take a skipping rope and do three sets while one set means 15 reps. And after that, begin jumping jacks. Stretch your hands and legs horizontally, and then with a small jump, bring them upward together. Then again, with a little rise, go back to the previous position. Do these three sets also.

Brisk running or marathon is also an excellent cardio exercise. Some people run a marathon for charity. Some others do so to check the various achievements of the bucket list. There are still some others who run to prove a friend wrong, and some run to lose some calories. Your goal might be anything, but if you want to succeed in it, then you need to go through some physical training. The work out is undoubtedly a variation that will create the tempo and enable you to run. It is always a good idea to break up your runs into intervals, warm-ups, and also cooldowns.

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Easiest Cardio Exercise: To Do At Home, No Gym Needed

Some Easiest Cardio Exercise

Same place jogging is also an excellent cardio exercise to shed off fat. Stand on your mat and keep your position firmly. Then start jogging standing in that position. Do this for three to five minutes minimum. Take some time to cool off around two minutes later again finish with some same place brisk jogging.

To ensure some core stamina, you can opt for some upward cycling. Lie on your mat and then pull up your legs to the height of your hips. Then start cycling forward and backward each three sets minimum. Another excellent core exercise is the plank. Rest your body on the mat, balancing on your elbow and feet, and keep yourself up as long as possible. You may not be able to do it for a long time but worry not with regular practice it will improve for sure.

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Easiest Cardio Exercise: To Do At Home, No Gym Needed

How It Will Help You

It would help if you opted for running for about 15 minutes. The effort for every 5 minutes should be at half the pace of the marathon. You can start with a total of three intervals and then do some easy jogging lasting for about 2 to 3 minutes. Once the ranges are over, you will have to jog for about ten minutes, at least as it will allow you to cool down.

If you want to run a marathon, then building up endurance is essential. If you’re going to improve the endurance without steam, then you will first have to start at a slower pace and then increase the speed. If you opt for these workouts, before participating in the marathon, then it will undoubtedly benefit you. This Easiest Cardio exercise will keep you lean and fit too.

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