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Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon

Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon

As any physical therapist will tell you, the best exercises for a leg day workout is something that will stimulate and lengthen the Achilles tendon, but at the same time not do any harm to the other muscles. Many people put a little bit of weight on their legs and then rest the rest of the day, yet there is another approach for a leg workout.

The back leg can be given an aerobic workout, which has the benefit of providing adequate blood flow to the heart and brain. It also helps with proper circulation, meaning that there are more oxygen molecules in the blood. That is good for the muscles, not just the heart and brain.

Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon
Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon

Leg Day Workout

You can train your legs by doing an aerobic leg day workout. Just one brisk walk will do the trick. You’ll increase your aerobic activity by doing two or three minutes of brisk walking every day.

Walking is one of the most effective leg day workouts for several reasons. The first is that you can take the stairs instead of the elevator if you prefer. The stairs are much easier to keep up with than elevators, and they are generally safer.

Stairs are also less likely to break. Both types of staircases have stepped stone treads to add even more traction. Many people assume that stone treads on stairs are slippery when you’re in shoes, but this simply isn’t true.

Leg Workout

It is possible to get a splinter or cut your foot on slippery stones, but these are extremely rare and are usually due to something as simple as slipping. Instead, slips are usually caused by somebody stepping on something else’s shoe or sock. Your feet stay dry and warm on your shoe, your socks and shoes stay dry on your feet, and people can step on your shoes without even noticing that you are wearing them.

Many people assume that they are going up and down the stairs with just one step. They do, but they’re also using two feet at the same time. If you just walk up and down the stairs with one step, you’ll work out your lower back with the chair, your arms with the pull-up bar, and your chest with the push-up bar. All that is required of you is the one step and the next few minutes of comfortable walking, as long as you carry a stopwatch with you.

This type of aerobic leg day workout can be done in a park. Try a grassy area where the ground is soft, and the grass is high. Take care not to jump or run over the grass or soil.

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There are many ways to train your legs on a stair staircase. Standing up and walking up and down the stairs is a simple way to stretch the calves. Try to do the exercise one leg at a time and do it regularly. Even ten or fifteen minutes a day is sufficient.

Another great leg day workout is using the free weights in the gym. One dumbbell can be lifted and held on the side and lifted with the shoulder and the elbow on the way up the staircase. Do four repetitions of that movement and repeat with the other arm.

Bottom Line

Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon
Facts About Leg Day Workout For The Achilles Tendon

Another way to exercise the muscles of the stair is to simply push up and down the stairs. Stand in the middle of the stair and hold the dumbbells in each hand. Start slowly at first and only do about five repetitions. As your stamina increases, increase the number of repetitions you can do.

Leg workout should not include the use of machines. Machinesrestrict the natural motion of the human body, causing tension that is counterproductive. Exercises to lengthen the calf and Achilles tendons will help elongate the Achilles tendon, without doing any damage to the other muscles of the leg.

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