Go Through The Top 5 Light Cardio Workouts

light cardio workouts

Cardio activities are essential for your overall health and well-being. It is significant for a variety of reasons. It helps in the burning of calories and weight loss and maintains the condition of the heart and lungs, and provides energy. A selection of some of the top cardio workouts is provided here.

1. Burpees

CrossFitters may fear burpees, but they deliver a powerful aerobic exercise in a short amount of time. They are a terrific cardio workout at home because they do not require any equipment or a lot of room. Burpees are performed by switching between plank stances and hopping forward in the air. Ensure that your back portion is straight and the hands are flat on the ground. You can burn more than 100 calories in just ten minutes. To minimize injury, we recommend starting slowly and gradually increasing to 10 minutes or more.

2. Rope Jumping

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Do you have happy childhood recollections of jumping rope? Jumping rope at home is a great way to incorporate that into your training. Many athletes believe a jumping rope to be the best cardio workout and utilize it for cross-training. It’s a beautiful cardio workout at home because you can do it practically anyplace with just a simple jump rope that you can get in many places. Jumping rope for 20 minutes burns approximately 220 calories. So even if you have fond recollections of jumping for extended periods as a child, you should work your way up to the entire 20 minutes.

3. Jacks of All Trades

Jumping jacks are another at-home cardio activity that will take you back to your childhood. Jumping jacks for 10 minutes straight, similar to burpees, can burn roughly 100 calories. Jumping jacks can easily be incorporated into a circuit training program that includes other exercises on this page, such as burpees, jumping rope, and squat jumps. Jumping jacks can be done anywhere, at any time, with no special equipment.

4. Jumping Squats

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Squat jumps are another excellent cardio workout that may be done alone or as part of a cardio circuit. As the name says, you begin in a squat and then jump up as high as possible before landing back in the squat. It has a high impact, especially on the knees, so caution is advised if you are a beginner or have a knee problem.

5. Kickboxing

Do you want to feel the burn in a more structured aerobic workout? Then try kickboxing, the best at-home cardio workout. Kickboxing is a cross between karate and boxing that is great for both cardio and strength training. If you already have some abilities, you can use some equipment, such as a punching bag and an exercise video, or do it independently.


Workouts are an essential part of your overall health and well-being. However, always consult a doctor before engaging in any strenuous exercise, and begin cautiously and gradually increase your fitness to limit the chance of damage.

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