Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – An Overview

iron gym total upper body workout bar

The Perfect Fitness Iron Gym is an easy to use total upper body workout tool for home or the gym. It can be adjusted to fit your height and can be stored in any small space due to its lightweight design. The unique pump action gives this fitness bar great strength and support. There are three handles on one side of the bar. This makes it very easy to use for workouts.

An Overview

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The Perfect Fitness Iron Gym is designed for maximum comfort with innovative designs that make it easy to use while workouts. The Original is a complete home-based total upper body workout system with a shoulder-length adjustable resistance wand and over-the-counter weight stack. The MultiGym Pro is a portable home exercise machine similar to the Perfect Fitness but with a higher resistance. The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is the highest resistance option. The other two models are suitable for lower resistance workouts.

The MultiGym has two handles and provides resistance for five exercises. It is designed with a one-hand-shaft design for reduced fatigue and stress on the wrists, forearms, shoulders and elbows. The original gym has one shaft with three handle positions. It provides eight exercises with five resistance levels and an overall weight capacity of over one hundred and twenty pounds. This resistance level can be changed according to personal goals.

This workout equipment has an innovative compression design that reduces stress on your joints, bones, and muscles during intense workouts. It offers custom compression for optimal performance. It has a smooth operation that makes it convenient to transport and assemble. It can be easily taken apart for storage or transportation.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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The MultiGym provides a variety of body-sculpting workouts for the upper arms, back, shoulders, chest and biceps. Each station has one of the following resistance levels: light, medium, heavy and super heavy. This allows you to choose a workout that is perfect for your level of training and ability. The handles are one-piece design with one-half inch resistance levels. This provides a smooth grip and increased resistance levels.

The design is very sleek and simple. The contoured shape eliminates the wide rounded corners on most workout bars. This feature helps to increase range of motion during a single movement. The one piece design is also very stable and makes it one of the most reliable workout bars available. The handle is made of high quality rubber to provide maximum comfort and safety during your workout.

The resistance levels provided are in accordance with the weight and size of the user. You can select one of the five resistance levels. The one-piece design provides an extremely safe and secure handle. You can adjust the weight to whatever level of resistance you desire. You can also adjust the length of the handle to customize the resistance level based on your own workout needs. The iron gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is an ideal addition to any home gym.

You can rest assured that you won’t have any accidents while using this gym because all five of the resistance levels are locked in place. The five levels can be used simultaneously or independently as needed. You will also find a reset switch just above the adjustable handles. This is convenient for those who like to work out at different times from their homes.

In The End

This iron gym has an integrated video display that shows the user the number of reps that they have completed as well as the total time spent in the workout. The video display is easy to see and provides you with valuable information about the level of resistance used and the length of time that you have exercised. The monitor provides a wide view of your upper body and also has the capability to adjust the viewing angle to a smaller area if necessary.

Overall, the Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a solid investment in any home gym. It’s easy to use and comes with a generous 1 year warranty. The iron gym provides a complete workout with a diverse range of exercises for your total upper body. The simplicity of this gym along with its wide variety of exercises make it one of the most popular home gyms around.

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