Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Runtastic Pro serves as your dedicated, updated, and also a real-time personal trainer. It renders good help by tracking your walking, jogging, running, cycling, and even various other fitness activities.

Thus, you can use this application for exploring new running tracks, reaching your workout objectives, and also sharing your fitness activities.

Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know
Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Runtastic Pro – How It Works?

The app works by capturing all necessary data, which includes average speed, distance, elevation, speed between distance markers, pace, calories, duration, and also — route as marked on the GPS map. You can disable many of the features of this fitness tracking application as and when required. It will help you in saving battery. You will find a “Session” tab on the app. Please open it and launch straight into the activity of your choice.

On the left side, you will find an icon showing the activity you have chosen. Tap this icon. Thus, you can easily change to any workout from merely walking to inline skating. Once you are done with your fitness activity, the application opens yet another page. You can use this page for logging additional details regarding surface, weather, mood, and also any other information you are looking for a record. You also get the option of marking low scoring days, slower paces, and injuries.

Runtastic Pro – Features

Some exclusive features of Runtastic Pro include:

  • Live tracking
  • Multilingual voice feedback
  • Route share and search
  • Heart rate and pulse reading zones
  • Music player
  • Competitions and intervals
  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • Measurement of duration, distance, pace, speed, and calories burned
  • GPS tracking
  • Countdown
  • Training history
  • Charts
  • Map view
  • Social sharing
  • Add activities manually
  • Multi-user potential
  • Synchronize activities
  • Cheering
  • GeoTagging
  • Weather
  • Hydration
  • Auto pause

Runtastic Free Vs. Runtastic Pro

There is a free application available with Runtastic. The app is somewhat limited when compared to the Pro version. Therefore, people who mind paying a few bucks on a fitness app should go through the features and the working of the free version.

The Pro version has several features not present in the free version, and therefore it would be better to opt for it. It goes especially for people who do not like making any compromises on their health and fitness activities.

Runtastic Pro comes with a few varied modes for supervising the user’s activity towards a more specific objective, like interval workout, workout, and not to forget competitions. One thing that people love about the Pro version is the auto-pause feature. It is responsible for sudden stops at traffic signals.

Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know
Runtastic Pro: Everything You Need To Know

In-App Additions

This fitness tracking application for Android balances detailed information with convenience and ease of use. The app helps you by gathering a lot of information about your activities while keeping the interface simple. Its simple interface makes it easier for users to get valuable information very quickly.

Users of this app can conveniently open any form of recorded activity from the history section. They can also swipe through different pages for seeing varied data slices. The Pro version of the app is available at $4.99 with everything included. It also has expensive and special training programs to help users prepare for the marathon.

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