Some Strength Training Exercises That You Can Add To Your Fitness Regime

strength training exercises

Fitness is an essential part of the lifestyle these days. Based on your fitness requirements, you can add exercises to your fitness regime. If you are looking forward to enhancing your stamina, you should include strength training exercises. Below discussed are some exercises that you can include in your exercise regime.

Squats Is One Of The Strength Training Exercises

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Squats help to increase strength. You can do squats in many variations including squatting deeper, moving slower, and adding free weights. These can enhance your workout experience and also increase your strength.

Steps For Doing Squats

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First, come in a standing position and create a gap between your feet according to your shoulder width and your arms should be down side. Bend your hips and knees and then lower the torso and keep your arms on the front side but make sure your back is straight. After completing one lower or upper, your one squat is done. You should do at least 20 reps in a day.


The deadlift is one of the great strength training exercises. It is also called a weight-lifting exercise that gives strength to your back muscles. You can add weight to enhance your strength. If you are a beginner then you must start slow.

Steps For Deadlift

First, stand up behind the barbell and lower the torso bending your knees and hips. Ensure that your arms are straight while grabbing the barbell, and then force on your butt out to stand straight. After holding it for little seconds, put the barbell in the same position as you follow while grabbing. When you are done with one rep, you can deadlift according to your strength and increase the weight periodically.

Plank Is Also One Of The Best Strength Training Exercises

Plank is the best exercise and you can do it regularly. It is also known as a core exercise, it gives strength to your arms, core, and legs when you hold your body up. You can do many variations in this training like forearm plank, side plank, and leg-lift plank.

Steps For Plank

Its position is just like a push-up exercise. Hold your body on your hands and feet and also ensure that your back is straight otherwise you will suffer from back pain. Then pull your stomach towards the spine that engages the core. Maintain your position as it is at least one minute. You can increase the time duration with stamina with time.


Pull-up is a great exercise in which you pull up your full body. That is why it is also called bodyweight exercise. There is no equipment needed, you just need to use a bar. When you are trained in simple exercising, you can add variations including changing arm position, increase your reps speed, or add ankle weights.

Steps For Pull-Up

First, hand from the rod with straight arms. Then pull your body up the rod in the same position and touch your head to the rod or above the rod. Start lowering again to end one pull-up. In the beginning, you should try at least 8 reps, and then increase your reps slowly-slowly.

Biceps Exercise

Biceps exercise is the best strength training exercise for your hands. It uses some weights to give strength to your shoulders and biceps. If you are trained in free weights then you use heavier weights, hold the position for a few minutes, or increase reps.

Bicep Exercise Steps

First, you stand up straight or sit on the stool straight and maintain a gap between your legs according to your shoulder. Grab the weight and bend your elbows until your hand touches your shoulders then lower as it slowly. This is your one rep, in the starting you can use lightweight for at least 20 reps. After a few days, you can increase the number of reps or weight to increase the strength of your hand.


There are many types of exercises that you do while workout. They help to keep your body fit but not more effective as these exercises. Once you add them to your workout, your strength will improve within a month.

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