Strength Training Anatomy – Keeping Yourself Fit And Strong The Right Way

strength training anatomy

Strength training anatomy is an artistic and scientific principle on its own. Learning and understanding the purpose each bone, ligament, tendon, and connective tissue serves and training one’s strength accordingly to reach their desired goal is no simple task and takes months and months of effort, years even for some. Working on strength training twice a week adds to health benefits and increases one’s metabolic rate as well so if you’re looking to build body strength, here are a few ways how you can now effectively do so and they are as follows.

Strength Training Anatomy – Bodyweight Workouts

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Bodyweight workouts enable an individual to build a better form. It tightens the body and its muscles and may be considered to be hard at first by beginners but with practice and time, it becomes a breeze.

These workouts improve strength and endurance and also help burn a good amount of calories when practiced regularly. They also do not require any heavy or fancy gym equipment as it purely is dependent on one’s body weight and natural body movements. They work the whole body and can be tiresome if a proper routine was followed through. However, no matter how tiring or hard it may be, it is better to stick to a routine that includes multiple variations of these workouts than to do just a few and immediately fall to rest as that will neither show any remarkable changes nor will it build strength. Some bodyweight workouts are as follows.





These are only a select few but there are multiple versions even within the above-mentioned exercises. A few accessories for support can also be used over time for further strength-building like that of suspension straps, chairs, and even just a plain wall can make the workouts more challenging since you’ll be working against gravity thereby building further resistance.

Strength Training Anatomy – Planks

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Instead of just planking for a minute or two, an entire plank workout for ten to fifteen minutes on its own will start to show significant changes in one’s core and arm strength within just a couple of weeks instead since they work on the entire body and most of its muscles. They also help improve one’s posture and stability as well.

Strength Training Anatomy – Deadlifts

Deadlifts mainly help build muscle besides increasing the body’s overall strength and it requires immense patience and effort. Deadlifts use loaded barbells and bars are lifted up to the hip and then lowered again. Being one of the powerlifting exercises, it is known to be one of the most effective forms of weight training and help strengthen the knees, hips, and lower back.


Make sure you do not force yourself and your body in the process of strength training and to make sure of this, you can get the help and guidance of a gym instructor and nutritionist. Enhancing one’s body strength is a great way to stay healthy and in control of our body so if you’re looking to start strength training, start right away!

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