Bodybuilding Exercises

Natural bodybuilding normally takes a considerable amount of time before you see results – but once you do, you realize the wait was worth it. Therefore, if you are looking forward to building muscle naturally, be ready to utilize your full potential, and have patience. This process requires a total commitment, discipline and healthy meal choices.

Here, I will try to take you through the 5 best bodybuilding exercises to incorporate in your daily routine for the best results within on time.


For the full build-up of power and mass, whether you are a powerlifter, an athlete or a bodybuilder, the deadlift exercise stands out as your best option. This is one of the finest exercises which is best for building mass and muscle. This exercise targets your latissimus and glute muscles.


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This is also one of the finest if not the most important exercise, excellent for incorporating into your bodybuilding routine. Perfectly done squats work not only on your legs but help in building your back and chest muscles as well. A heavy squatting session will stimulate the production of testosterone hormone. This special hormone is responsible for the anabolic and bodybuilding processes in general.

Despite this exercise sounding somewhat simple to most people, it is one of the toughest, especially for beginners who are overweight and who have not tried it before. Once you master it, however, it will be one of the most satisfying to perform.

Bench Press

The bench press is also one of the finest choices of exercise in bodybuilding. Apart from just improving on your chest muscles, it also helps in building massive shoulder, triceps and increases your push-up power. Take care while you incorporate the bench press into your routine to avoid any injury to the shoulder joint or chest area.

Overhead Press

Until the year 1972, standing shoulder press was used in place of the bench press as a measure of strength. The overhead press is normally very effective especially for the upper body muscle development, moreover even than the bench press. This is following the standing position during execution. In this exercise, apart from just the triceps, shoulders and the upper chest, all other body muscles are actively involved in the performance of the over-head press for general stabilization.   

Pull-ups and Chin-ups

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If you happen to be looking forward to building a V-shaped physique, then pull-ups and Chin-ups are your best exercise.  This exercises will increase your shoulder to the waist ratio to make your stand out uniquely in a crowd. Also, this exercise will be of great importance in improving your arm strength.

Thus, by following these 5 bodybuilding exercises, you will achieve the body you have always wanted. Try them now and thank me later!!

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