The Best Cardio Exercise For A Healthy Workout

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Cardio exercises can help one to stay lean and also show off their muscle gains. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing the best cardio exercise, it becomes a heavy decision. If one trains like a runner, then they will get a lean body with little muscle. Similarly, if they train like a sprinter then they will get a sprinter’s body with good muscle growth and fat loss. But, the integral part of every workout is intensity. So, if you are wondering which cardio exercise to choose, then here is the list below. 


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These machines were designed in a way to lessen the impact on the knees and hips, thereby allowing a good workout. They deliver a low impact and hence make the calorie-burning effect greater when compared to other cardio machines. Experts suggest that adding a high incline while doing an elliptical workout can activate more leg muscles, importantly the glutes.


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For most exercise freaks, running has always been a good cardio exercise because it’s a good way to burn calories and fat. But, what should one do for a good workout? If you are running on a treadmill, then make sure that you set the incline to 2-3% to simulate an outside running environment. This practice will help you burn more calories and also make it easier for your knees.

Stair Climber

Another popular way of burning fat and calories is by using a stair climber. However, the drawback of using a stair climber is that it can burn only about 500-600 calories for a 180 lb. person. Nevertheless, when compared to walking, climbing stairs involves significant use of muscles. Moreover, for people with bad knees, it can be difficult to climb stairs as it can put a lot of weight and pressure.

Rope Jumping

This cardio exercise is quite cheap, easy to do and also burns a ton of calories. However, it becomes more effective when one takes intervals of slow and fast jumping. In case you are unable to do that, then try jumping for a minute straight and then rest for at least 30 seconds. Moreover, if you travel a lot, then make it a point to carry the jump rope in your suitcase. 


As gym freaks, you must be used to stationary bikes. But, not too many people use them because they don’t give an intense rate. A great way to maximize one’s calorie burn in minimum time is by doing intervals on the stationary bike. Also, do not forget to keep the intensity high during the intervals for some time.

Wrapping Up

You must have noticed that there is nothing called the best cardio exercise. However, to get the best from a workout program, you can mix all of these exercises. Just make it a point to include several rounds of them.

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