Top Punching Bag Cardio Workouts That You Need To Begin With

If you watch those inspirational stars having a quick punching session on the punching bag at their favorite gym, it might excite you. However, those quick punches required ages of practice to come to that swift point. But as we know the saying, it’s never too late, hence you can surely design the next workout session with punching bag cardio workouts. Have a thorough look at the choices given below to begin your core exercise sessions right now-

Begin With Warm-Up

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Since this is a high-intensity cardio session, you need to spend around 5-10 minutes, warming yourself up. 

  • Jog in your place.
  • Next move to jumping jacks.
  • Now do air squats.
  • Follow up with shadowboxing.
  • End with a high plank to downward dog.

Now Its time To Jab, Cross, And Squat(45 Seconds Work Out With 15 Seconds Break; Each Time)

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Stand facing the bag in boxing posture, ensure that your feet are at shoulder distance away while your foot is staggered with one foot in front of the other. In addition, your feet should be aligned with the heel of your back foot. Make sure that your feet should be at 45 degrees.

Now raise your hands in a posture to punch. Ensure that one of your hands should be protecting your face. Throw two shots at the bag. Start with your left hand after that, cross it with your right. Then do a squat. Now continue the process, jab- punch-squat for 45  seconds then take a break of 15 seconds.

Side Kick Punch Combos Is Your Next Choice Of Punching Bag Cardio Workouts

Do the exercise for 90 seconds then take 30 seconds of break. If required using a stopwatch won’t harm. To begin with, make sure that you stand about a leg length apart from the bag in order to make your right side face the bag. Take your boxing posture once again. Spindle your hip, now move your body weight to the left side before you pivot. Next, lift your right leg while you bent your knee.

  • Take 10 reps of right sidekicks.
  • After that take 30 straight punches.
  • Move on to 10 reps of left sidekicks.
  • And end the session with 30 straight punches.

Burpees With Push Up, Straight Punches, Hooks Is The Last In The List

Like all the other options, make sure that you take one arm distance from the punching bags while balancing your feet and hip-distance apart. Keep your knees a bit bent and begin with burpees. 

  • Squat down.
  • Do a push-up.
  • Next, step or jump your feet back.
  • After that explode upward.
  • Lastly, land softly.

While landing, make sure that you gently maintain the boxing stance following up two quick punches with your right hand on your left. Ensure that you do straight punches with a left then a right hook. Do the exercise for around 45 seconds as many rounds as you can. 


Well, these are the top 4 choices of punching bag cardio workouts that you need to begin with. You need to be dedicated to your motive to get quick change in our figure. Taking it slowly will surely help you gain a fit and fine stance in no time. 

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