Total Gym Exercise Chart To Prepare

total gym exercise chart

If you have always wanted to achieve the dream figure, you already know that it will not be an easy task. You have to work hard to get your body into the shape you want, and building muscle is essential for that purpose. Finding the right kind of workout routine is never going to be easy, but you should be able to find a workout that is appealing to you. There are numerous workout routines for you to follow, but you should ask a professional before trying out any of them. Here is everything that you need to know so that you can practice today onwards. 

Beginners Full-body Workout Routine For Men

Exercise Chart

On the first day, you should try to take it easy; you should be able to work on your chest, back, shoulders, and limbs. It is easy to go for barbell bench press, lat pull-outs, and seated dumbbell press for that purpose. Do it as far as you can push yourself but do not overstretch your muscles. 

On the second day, indulge in a leg press machine, and you can do it for four sets of 8 repetitions. It will help in practice in your legs, triceps, biceps, and chest. Not to forget, you can also work on your back and shoulders. You can also go for overhead bar extensions and bar curls. 

With every passing date, you should be able to push yourself a little more, and it is going to last for 1 hour 15 minutes. The minimum training session for each day should be about 2 hours, and you can divide it between the morning and evening sessions. 

Intermediate Workout Session For Men

Exercise Chart

Is time to workout is suitable for those who have already completed the beginner level. It will help in burning a gradual amount of fat, and you will not feel fatigued at all. This is a five-day session that you can follow, and on the 6th day, you can sit back and relax. 

On the very first day, you can practice dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, and chest dip. This will help in better chest formation. For the triceps, you can try skull crushers, one arm dumbbell extension, and tricep extension. For the better functioning of the shoulders and shaping it out, you have to try the dumbbell lateral raise and the barbell front raise. 

Second Day Session

On the second day, make sure that you worked extensively on your back and biceps. And last but not least you have to work on your legs on the third day. The fourth and fifth days should be a full-body workout regimen, and you have to do it every alternate day. If there is any Kind of injury, make sure that you do not put pressure on the same. 


It will take a lot of time for you to get into shape, especially if you have been gaining weight. But with the right kind of exercise and diet, you can achieve your dream goal without any problems.

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