What Is Cardio Exercise – A Guide To A More Efficient Routine

what is cardio exercise

What is cardio exercise? It is one of several broad classifications of exercise, which involve an expended muscular effort resulting in the transportation of oxygen to the lungs. Aerobic exercises are those in which the heart and lungs are the resources for the generation of energy. This definition excludes exercise that use more of the blood’s energy, such as swimming, but it does not exclude exercises that use the muscles directly, such as climbing stairs, rowing a boat, or playing sports such as tennis or basketball.

Increasing The Heart Rate 

Cardio Exercise

There are many forms of cardio exercise. Some focus on increasing the heart rate while others improve aerobic performance. This type of exercise is usually done for short periods, usually no more than ten minutes at a time, and at low levels of intensity. While it may be effective in losing weight, experts advise against this as doing long periods of exercise that are very intense can do more harm than good. An increase in weight is usually temporary, although long-term changes can occur if you do not watch your food intake and exercise regularly.

Aerobic exercises are done by using your own strength to propel you forward and require endurance. You can strengthen yourself with weight training, pushups, sit ups, chin ups, leg lifts, and other exercises. You will also need to rest between such activities. Cardiovascular workouts that focus on increasing the heart rate, raising blood pressure, and increasing stamina have been proven to be more effective weight loss strategies than traditional exercise methods. In fact, they have become so popular that many people exercise daily in hopes of losing weight quickly and easily.

Types Of Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

What is cardio exercise? There are several types: speed-climbing, strength-training, endurance, and mountain climbers among others. Among these, speed climbing is one of the most intense and widely practiced form of exercise, wherein the individual does uphill sprints up a physical terrain at a fast pace for up to twelve or more minutes.

 Involves Resistance Training

Strength-training exercises involve resistance training using weights and can be done both inside the home and at gyms with other members or even friends. This type of workout is highly recommended to seniors who want to maintain or improve their fitness levels. To do so, it requires a total of about an hour and a half a week of dedicated, intense workout time. A workout program like this will include lifting weights or targeting specific muscles groups, such as the back, abdominal region, chest, legs, and arms for a total of about an hour and a half per week.

Final Words

There are several other activities that can be done to achieve a high intensity cardio workout. For instance, it is important to stretch and warm-up prior to any type of workout to prevent injury, especially the muscles in the neck, shoulder, and upper back. Also, to maintain proper form, it is wise to use a jump rope. Jumping ropes have been proven to help develop muscles, burn calories, increase stamina, improve strength, and promote healthy joints. This is a fun way to obtain a high intensity workout, improve circulation, and improve flexibility.

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