Basics of Gym Equipment

For a beginner, going to your first gym can be very daunting. This is usually because of all the strange looking weight lifting contraptions. To be honest, many people can’t tell different gym equipment apart, and they’re just fine. What you need to know, however, are the essential items, those you will constantly use.

This article will walk you through some of the basic items inside a gym.


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weight lifting

These are the first items you are going to see at the gym. In fact, a lot of guys hit the gym purposefully for dumbbells and barbells.

They have adjustable weights so that you can sort of level up once their resistance falls. Weights are some of the best exercise tools in the gym primarily because they build muscle effectively. Resistance training exercises are known to build muscle very effectively, thus they are highly recommended for the toned body a lot of gym enthusiasts desire.


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Another popular gym equipment is the treadmill. It is used for cardio exercises. These mainly include walking and running.

It is a pretty straight-forward piece of machinery. All you have to do is set the speed, and voila, you now have a stationary running field. It is important to take care of the speed you set. Ensure that you gauge your capability well beforehand.

Exercise Bike

This is literally what its name describes. Just like the treadmill, it is set in place so that users can hop on and ride.

It resembles like a bicycle except that it is set firmly in place. They also have some resistance mechanism to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

Like the treadmill, an exercise bike is generally for cardio. Their smooth nature means that this equipment doesn’t stress the joints the way running does. It is for this reason that they are highly recommended for cardiovascular workouts.


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The Best Bench Press Workout

Benches are some of the most important items in a gym. For one, they give the much-needed resting points after working out. Also, to carry out some exercises like bench presses, you will certainly require a bench.

To use them, some etiquettes need to be followed. Sweating on the benches is frowned upon so cover up or use a towel. Also, leaving weights on workout benches is frowned upon.

Pull-Up Bar

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Again, this is a pretty basic item in the gym. It also has a wide range of uses and can be used for several workout routines. Pull-ups are some of the most versatile exercises out there because you can hit several muscle groups with them.

Pull-up bars with barbell collars being simple items are easy to install and acquire. Using them doesn’t require much in the form of knowledge, so they are the best for beginners.

There you have it, some of the most basic equipment you will find at your local gym. There are however other items albeit more complex than these. They include cables and pulleys.

For beginners, some of these items can be unfamiliar. Don’t worry about it, just make sure to always ask first before attempting to use something you have never seen.  

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